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Ceramic Stone Heat Pack

Ceramic Stone Heat Pack

Ceramic Stone Heat Pack

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The Ceramic Stone heat pack is made from naturally forming ceramic clay, molded into ceramic beads for easy, flexible and convenient use.

When heated it releases instant, long lasting therapeutic moist heat, for effective, deep penetrating pain relief, for the whole body.

For cold, simply put it in the fridge or freezer for a dry, soothing and flexible cold pack.


What a great tool this has been for my office!

What a great tool this has been for my office! I used the machine myself for just a couple of weeks before my last triathlon, and it is the very first time that I did not have to stop due to cramping and fatigued muscles. That there Read More

Dr Tobin Lingafelter

Great results with out patients

Our purpose in purchasing the Vibro Trainer was to provide another tool to promote a better quality of life for our residents, by means of ... We have great success with residents suffering from ParkinsonÍs disease Read More

Stirling Manor Nursing

Amazing results with the Medic Vibro Trainer

"Depending upon the particular condition of each individual, vibration therapy may be given two to five times a week.
Results _ reduc... Results _ reduced leg cramps 27%; walking steadily 40%; reduced Read More

Bernard Nursing Home
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