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What a great tool this has been for my office!

What a great tool this has been for my office! I used the machine myself for just a couple of weeks before my last triathlon, and it is the very first time that I did not have to stop due to

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Dr Tobin Lingafelter

Great results with out patients

Our purpose in purchasing the Vibro Trainer was to provide another tool to promote a better quality of life for our residents, We have great success with residents suffering from ParkinsonÍs disease
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Stirling Manor Nursing

Amazing results with the Medic Vibro Trainer

Depending upon the particular condition of each individual, vibration therapy may be given two to five times a week.Results _ reduc... Results _ reduced leg cramps 27%; walking steadily 40%; reduced
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Bernard Nursing Home

I started walking again

I bought a VIBRO TRAINER after I'd been using it with my physiotherapist. I was suffering from Sciatic pain so severe that I was having regular injections to handle the pain and was even
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I could not believe I would feel this good

I bought the VIBRO TRAINER 4 months ago. I use the machine 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes each time. I suffer from arthritis, I had sore knees and sore legs. Now I feel much less pain which has
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Over 100 of my employees love the machine

I tried the Vibro Trainer at a show. When I got back home I noticed my fibromyalgia pain had eased up. I called as soon as I could and order...

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I have got my social life back

"Thank you for the Vibro Trainer, it has helped me tremendously. I have osteo-arthritis and in the mornings I could not bend my fingers to c... I also had very bad sciatic pain and asbestosis _
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