About Us

Amazing Health is a wholly Australian owned and operated company that has been providing people with health, fitness and well being products for over 20 years. We specialize in innovative, natural and effective products that help people from all walks of life to achieve a healthy, pain free and fun lifestyle.
Now more than ever, Amazing Health has been assisting and connecting people across the Aged Care Industry, MS Society, Physios /Allied Health Professionals, Lifestyle Villages, Gyms and other industries to make use of our products at home. Products and equipment have also been provided through the NDIS Scheme (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and other avenues, to enable professionals to carry out their work online and continue to service their clients/patients safely at home.
We continue to supply our customers, as well as our specialty Allied Health Professionals, Chemists, Grocers, retailers and other wholesale/retail customers and have expanded our range to meet their current needs.
Due to high demand, we have also expanded our local efforts to develop and manufacture products to suit these recent times and assist with the ‘new normal’. We are committed to helping people maintain a balanced and happy lifestyle naturally and not let health issues slow them down.