Smart Training

What is Vibration Training (VT)?


VT is a revolutionary form of anaerobic training developed and tested for elite athletes that everyone can use. By standing on the platform or placing your hands on it, it stimulates a training effect that utilises muscles to contract at a rate impossible to do voluntarily. A greater understanding of human physiology has allowed science to develop VT.


This product is a platform that that moves from side to side in the natural human gait (the way humans walk) so that standing on the vibration platform stimulates the muscles in the legs all the way up the lower back and abdomen enhancing basic muscle function, toning and promoting strength and power.


These vibrations allow the muscles to produce beneficial involuntary automatic reflexes to stretch, flex and then relax. It is a similar reflex to a doctor tapping under the knee with a hammer causing the leg to stretch out. This involuntary reflex is controlled by the spinal cord. Although involuntary, the brain receives information about these movements and learns from them.


The vibrations are performed at an acceleration factor that is equivalent to training with weights. This side to side motion is like going up and down on a fast elevator: you feel heavier and lighter. VT simulates the effect of adding a greater gravitational stimulus to facilitate stronger bones and joints and stronger and more toned muscles. All this at a rate of, for example, 15Hz (oscillations/vibrations per second) means 15 contractions per second or 900 contracts per minute. This helps us establish a more efficient way to tone our muscles, increase metabolism, burn fat and look good.




It means that Vibration Training (VT) is smart training. It utilises human physiology science and manufacturing to train smart. VT only requires 10-20 minutes 3-4 times a week to train anaerobically. It utilises up to 95% of muscle fibres available were normally you would activate only 40-70%. VT can stimulate these muscles to contract/relax

10-60 times a second. That is why it is not how hard you train but how smart you train. In only one study 10 minutes of VT was compared to twice a week training for a total of 5 weeks in which 150 leg presses were performed using 3 times the trainee‟s body weight!


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