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VT is more than a weight loss tool. To reiterate it is not how hard you train it is how smart you train. VT will save you time: 10-20 minutes 3-4 times a week is sometimes all the time some people have..It will build and tone lean bodies at the same time as reducing fat. It will increase your metabolism. It will flush out toxins from fat through the contraction and relaxation of muscle fibres (10-60 times per second).


That is not to say that you will not also benefit from adding 10-20 minutes of aerobic training on alternate days. In weight loss it is no secret that common sense also prevails: with regards to a healthy diet. Staying away from unhealthy fats and sugars which not only lead to weight gain but also high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes which in turn lead to cardiovascular disease.


In weight loss diet only approaches are not beneficial without a balanced exercise program. Diet only weight loss does reduce actual „body weight‟ but generally speaking this lost „body weight‟ is about 50% body fat (in short diets only water weight is lost) and 50% lean healthy functional muscle. When the diet is stopped and the same pre-diet eating habits are resumed the weight is put back on as fat only. This is a very unhealthy practice as the person dieting has regained fat at the expense of lean functional muscle and is now weaker and less able and willing to do the right thing and exercise.


You can use VT as a stand-alone training regime but a combination of all three is best. You can use VT for a quick intelligent anaerobic way to lean/tone your body, aerobic exercise to increase cardiovascular fitness on alternate days and good food for a healthy efficient energy source.

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